Unique quark product as recovery modality for Elite Athletes

A unique recovery quark developed to provide athletes with a product containing the exact amount of protein needed for recovery after intensive training.

A single portion of the ‘Recovery Quark’ developed by the Elite Sports Restaurant at High Performance Centre Papendal contains 20 grams of protein, which is exactly the amount of protein that is needed to support optimal recovery in athletes after an intensive training session. This Recovery Quark will be used by the Dutch Olympic Team in Rio de Janeiro.

Athletes need to recover after intensive training and nutrition is essential in this respect. Ordinary food products available in the supermarket do not contain enough protein for optimal recovery, however. This is why this Recovery Quark was developed at Papendal. A special high protein quark is mixed with fresh fruit and honey and packed in take-away cups, which allows athletes to bring it to the training spot and consume it right after their exercise.

350 Top-level athletes from various sports disciplines have the opportunity to train, study and live at a single location at Papendal. In addition to its role as Centre for Elite Sports and Education, Papendal has innovative sports facilities as well as an innovative Elite Sports Restaurant.