Carbo Recovery Bar developed at the Elite Sports Restaurant

‘Gold in your hand’, a carbohydrates recovery bar full of healthy nuts and seeds that supports a good blood sugar level.

Athletes need to recover after intensive training and nutrition is essential when it comes to recovery. Like proteins, carbohydrates play an important role in recovery and have to be supplemented. Unfortunately, quite a lot of energy bars cause high blood sugar levels. Therefore chef and manager of the Elite Sports Restaurant at High Performance Centre Papendal, Erik te Velthuis, optimized the recipe and developed a bar that supports optimal recovery. The bar contains carbohydrates and natural sugars, no additives what so ever. The bar is full of healthy nuts, pits and seeds and contains good fats, vitamins and minerals. The bar helps the blood sugar level to remain constant and as a result, athletes experience less energy loss and no hungry moods.

High Performance Centre Papendal facilitates 350 athletes in a wide range of sports such as cycling (track, road and BMX), athletics, volleyball, handball and wheelchair basketball. Papendal supports the athletes during their preparation for big championships. Papendal is a top-class training center with innovative sports facilities as well as food innovations in the Elite Sports Restaurant located in the center of Papendal.