Unique location for product innovation in sports and nutrition

Elite Sports Restaurant: an advanced platform to test and develop food products targeted at athletes and physically active consumers.

The development of the protein-rich “recovery quark”. A variety of granola-based sports bars. The sports-oriented bread from “drawing table” to market-ready concept. A test panel of elite athletes to assist in field testing. Hands-on testing of the prototype Nutripulse e-cooking device. All examples of innovations in the field of “sports and nutrition” at High Performance Centre Papendal. Facilitated by the joint cooperation of the Elite Sports Restaurant with both industrial as well as educational/academic partners.

High Performance Centre Papendal facilitates 350 athletes in a wide range of sports such as cycling (track, road and BMX), athletics, volleyball, handball and wheelchair basketball. Papendal supports the athletes during their preparation for big championships. Papendal is a top-class training centre with innovative sports facilities as well as food innovations in the Elite Sports Restaurant located in the centre of Papendal.

The Elite Sports Restaurant of Papendal is a unique location for product innovation in sports and nutrition. The facility provides a platform to test and develop new functional food products, aimed at (elite) athletes and physically active consumers. In addition, research and innovation projects on supportive materials can be supported, such as specific supplements or innovative cooking techniques.

Sport science, sport innovation and sport practice in an elite sports environment Elite Sports Restaurant Papendal makes optimal use of the available know-how, such as the world class knowledge on sports and nutrition available in the Netherlands.