Essentials™ Fruit Juice: natural juice containing fresh algae.

Essentials™ Fruit Juice, your daily Olympic nutrient boost with fresh algae. No artificial nutrients and 100% vegan.

Essentials™ Fruit Juice: natural juice containing fresh algae.

Nutrient dense fruit juice with fresh algae

Essentials™ Fruit Juice is a series of three cool fresh algae vegetable fruit juices with each a different nutritional focus. The fruit juices were developed by Nutress and High Performance Centre Papendal. At Papendal’s Elite sports restaurant, the juices are judged and tested for taste, texture and function. The common denominator is that the recipes all contain algae which are cultivated in Nijkerk, The Netherlands.

Nutress a Phycom company

In order to increase the acceptance of algae as food ingredient, Nutress must stimulate the industry with innovative developments. With this fruit juice marketed in the Essentials™ brand portfolio microalgae acquire the identifiable attention and recognition it deserves.  

Essentials product portfolio

The Essentials portfolio will expand with formulations such as breads, pasta’s, crackers, etcetera. These products stimulate the development of algae-containing products. It helps to make the use of algae transparent, accepted and recognized by a large audience. In addition, research will continue in relation to the nutritional aspects of algae.