Fruit Juice: natural juice containing fresh algae.

Your daily Olympic nutrient boost. No artificial nutrients and 100% vegan.

Fruit Juice: natural juice containing fresh algae.

Nutrient dense 

Essentials™ Fruit Juice is a series of three cool fresh vegetable fruit algae juices with each a different nutritional focus. The fruit juices were developed by Phycom and High Performance Centre Papendal. At Papendal’s Elite sports restaurant, the juices are judged and tested for taste, texture and function. The common denominator is that the recipes all contain microalgae


In order to increase the acceptance of algae as food ingredient, Phycom stimulated the industry with innovative developments.  This fruit juice is an example of the use of algae as an ingredient in foodstuffs, which stimulates the development of algae-containing products. It helps to make the use of algae transparent and accepted by a large audience. 

Product portfolio

Microalgae are natural, sustainable ingredients that, thanks to their nutritional and functional properties, hold opportunities for innovative product development. Phycom works closely with the food industry to identify various product applications.