Next Level for soft Chewing Calcium Tablets

Direct compressible (DC) Calcium Carbonate as granulate with gum arabic

DC (direct compressible) mineral salts are designed for the compression of tablets as part of an existing tablet formulation. The use of DC grade products eliminates the need of an in-house wet granulation step and saves cost and time for the tablet manufacturer.

Calcium Carbonate DC 97GA

Calcium Carbonate DC 97GA is designed for direct compression to soft chewing tablets with neutral taste and pleasant mouth feeling. Besides maltodextrin, corn starch or PVP as binding agents, gum arabic is a perfect addition to the DC granulate product line. The product is dust-free and free-flowing, and permitted for food and food supplements. Due to the high calcium content tablet size can be reduced.

  • Granulate for direct compression with gum arabic
  • High calcium content
  • Free-flowing product quality
  • Pleasant chewing sensation