LomaSalt® – The tasty way of sodium reduction

An attractive way for common salt replacement offering a health added value while maintaining high taste requirements.

Table salt (NaCl) has a major impact on the taste of food and makes it sensorially attractive. The “saltiness” and “umami” tastes mutually enhance each other and ensure a rounded flavor.

However, it has been well-known for a long time now that habitual increased salt and/or sodium consumption can lead to a whole range of chronic illnesses. Above all, these include high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases and eye damage. Therefore, the WHO called for effective and sustainable measures in a strategy paper in 2004 for reducing diet-related hypertension and secondary diseases, and recommended a maximum daily intake of 2g Na / day (5g salt / day).

There is a broad international consensus that the reduction of sodium or rather salt in food can make a measurable contribution to reducing high blood pressure and its secondary diseases.

Use of mineral substitute mixtures
A number of inorganic mineral salt mixtures, especially, LomaSalt® from Dr. Paul Lohmann®, have a familiar salty taste, but contain significantly less sodium (50 – 100%). Food and snacks that have been made using these mixtures can be advertised using health-related statements as per Regulation (EC) no. 1924/2006. These products, which meet food law regulations and do not cause health concerns, offer an attractive option for the reduction of sodium in food and savory snacks.

Enrichment with other mineral substances
LomaSalt® -products can be enriched with other selected mineral substances such as iodine. Nutritional snacks enriched with individually developed mixtures receive a significant health added value in this way. Even other parameters such as particle size can be adapted. The company is also helpful with the selection of the respective health-related claims.

The LomaSalt® product range includes:

  • LomaSalt® RS 50 Classic
  • LomaSalt® RS 50 Neutral
  • LomaSalt® RS 50 Extra
  • LomaSalt® 2.0