Calcium Citrate superfine – best results in dairy products

Easy fortification of dairy products and milk alternatives with Tricalcium Citrate with clearly reduced sedimentation.

Consuming an adequate amount of calcium is essential for people with increased calcium requirements like children of school age, pregnant women, athletes, seniors or people who have to take resorption-inhibiting medication. Calcium aids in preventing deformities and softening of the bones such as rickets, osteoporosis or bone fractures. Moreover, calcium plays a role in muscle function, heart function and in our nervous system. Calcium is of key physiological importance. Bones and teeth consist of calcium compounds, and countless neuronal and biochemical processes are based on calcium.

With the newly developed Tricalcium Citrate 4-hydrate superfine, Dr. Paul Lohmann® found the answer to a high demand on a calcium citrate with a clearly reduced speed of sedimentation in dairy products and plant based milk alternatives. With this superfine powder, customers will be able to fortify their dairy products with calcium with a significant reduction of sedimentation during the production process.

The Research and Development department did a lot of application trials with Tricalcium Citrate 4-hydrate with different particle sizes like normal powder, micronized powder, fine powder and superfine powder. The products were tested on their performance in different kinds of dairy products, cream and oat milk. The test results showed that the superfine powder was the best performing product within this series of tests, with the slowest sedimentation velocity and the smallest amount of sediment at the bottom of the testing tubes. Another positive effect is the improvement of taste and mouth feeling by using the superfine powder.

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