Vegan lactose-free coconut yoghurt alternative

Boermarke’s fresh coconut yoghurt makes a delicious, vegan and lactose-free alternative to dairy yoghurt

More and more consumers are looking for alternatives to dairy, some because they are intolerant to the lactose present in these products, others from a sustainability perspective: it is environmentally unsound to use cropland to graze cattle. There are also people who are looking to add an exotic touch to their daily menu. Boermarke Desserts hits the spot with its delicious, 100% vegetable and lactose-free coconut yoghurt.

The yoghurt alternative is made from coconut milk to which a vegan yoghurt starter culture is added. This results in a creamy product, which tastes like yoghurt with a hint of coconut.

The yoghurt, developed by Boermarke Desserts, is available plain and with a layer of fruit on the bottom. It can be supplied in large volumes at a very competitive price.

The coconut yoghurt alternative, which has been on the market since mid 2015, can be found in Aldi supermarkets throughout the Netherlands and at Marks & Spencers in the UK.