Pasteurizable UHT Frozen yogurt mixture

Delicious frozen yoghurt keeps consumers and ice cream retailers happy

Around the world, frozen yoghurt, ‘invented’ in the USA, is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. The product is often sold from soft serve machines which have to be cleaned every day – specialist work which is time consuming and thus expensive. To avoid extensive daily cleaning procedures and at the same time guarantee food safety, companies often choose for repasteurizable ice cream. Often, however, the re-heating process results in yoghurt that is sandy or brownish. Boermarke Desserts has developed frozen yoghurt that remains tasty and attractive even after frequent repasteurization.

The frozen yoghurt mix is delivered in bag-in-boxes, containing 10 L/ 11 kg or 2 bags of 5 L/ 5,5 kg each. The 2 bags used for packaging ensures optimal product freshness and decreases waste due to open bags.

Boermarke’s frozen yoghurt is sold in IKEA shopping malls worldwide and produced for several other soft serve ice cream labels like Frusco and For Ice in the Netherlands.