Filling dessert cups with up to 8 layers of ice cream and sauce

Advanced packaging line makes it possible to create gourmet cups with up to eight layers of ice cream, mousse or sauce

Consumers love variety, and even more so when they have many different flavors in one cup. Boermarke Desserts anticipated this trend with its new ‘gourmet cup’ concept. To make it possible, the company extended its production plant with an advanced packaging line, which allows the filling of cups with up to six layers of ice cream or mousse, topped-off with up to two different sauces.

The equipment has almost twice as many filling stations as conventional packaging machinery - which is mostly limited to only four layers. There is an unlimited variation possible in cold or hot sauces, ice cream or mousse flavors and/or layers of cookie crumble and other toppings.

The ‘gourmet cup’ is expected to be available via PLUS Supermarkten in the Netherlands, around Christmas 2016.