Maxilact® enzymes for lactose-free dairy products

Long-lasting taste and natural low-sugar sweetness

Based on 50 years of experience, Maxilact® is the leading solution in the strongly growing low-lactose market. DSM has become the primary producer of lactase worldwide. Maxilact® is a neutral lactase enzyme that helps to produce lactose-free dairy products that taste great.

DSM’s scientists have found a way to remove the impurities which cause off-flavor from lactase – which in turn has proven to significantly improve the quality of lactose-free products. Maxilact® also drives sweetness enhancement in dairy products, boosting taste without adding calories. Its natural sweetness enables to achieve sugar reduction in dairy products like flavored milks and sugared yogurts by up to 20%, thus providing a healthier alternative. In applications like ice cream Maxilact® prevents crystallization, but also improves the scoopability and meltability.

DSM provides dedicated support to the customers around the world to be the first mover in the market and differentiate their lactose-free dairy products. Product and application experts provide support in choosing the right Maxilact® product and dosage for any particular application.