Brewers Clarex®: for easy, natural gluten-free beer

Efficient, simple, cost-effective technology for gluten-free beer, eliminates cold-stabilization and reduces carbon footprint.

Brewers Clarex® is a one-of-kind beer stabilization technology that can eliminate the costly and environmentally damaging cold stabilization process. Efficient, simple and cost-effective, this brewing enzyme offers a natural way to increase your maturation production capacity and shorten your processing time. Result: Typical savings can reach around 100,000 euros per million hectoliters of beer produced with up to an 8% reduction in carbon emissions.

It’s also ideal for creating gluten free beer using gluten-containing grains. Proline Specific Endo-protease - the active ingredient in Brewers Clarex breaks down the gluten in malted barley. Brewers Clarex is giving our customers a major competitive advantage in markets like the United States where demand is rising. Read our consumer report which shows that there is a great consumer interest and attraction in the gluten-free trend and how brewers can benefit from it.