Axenic microalgae cultivation in a fully controlled and closed system

Phycom’s biotech system is modular, thus scalable; circular where possible hence sustainable; completely closed, guaranteeing the highest quality of microalgae.

About Phycom

Phycom is one of Europe’s largest and most innovative producers of algae. Based on decades of experience in the biotech sector, Phycom has developed a sustainable and completely closed production system. Phycom’s cultivation techniques and process technology are highly innovative on the international market. The result is high-quality, food-safe microalgae with superior purity and consistent quality. Phycom’s food and feed safety management system is FSSC22000 and GMP+ certified.


Are you a food or feed manufacturer who wants to market products containing microalgae? Phycom produces high-quality microalgae with functional and nutritional properties. The company has one of the largest microalgae production facilities in Europe and can meet any market demand. Phycom delivers its microalgae quickly and in various product forms with consistent quality and superior purity.

Fresh algae substance, Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) pellets, Crude algae flakes, Algae Powder and others on demand. Phycom delivers only Dutch produced, EFSA compliant and GMO free algae products.