Fresh (IQF) algae for feed applications

Fresh microalgae with ultimate solubility for aquafeed, meeting high volume and quality demands in feed.

Microalgae Nutrients from source

Safety and quality paired with sustainability is higher on the agenda than ever. 

Aquaculture already successfully uses many species as an essential component of the live food chain in the production of a number of high valued species. The potential that microalgae has, to act as a partial replacement of fish oils, offers the opportunity for the continues expansion of global aquaculture production while publicised nutritional benefits that aquaculture products offer to human nutrition and health.

Phycom: biotech company with food care

Phycom fresh algae products are an answer to meet high volume and quality demands both in fish feed as well as in fish conditions.

Algae Product portfolio

  • Fresh algae substance can be adjusted to any desired dry weight percentage up to a maximum of 25%. Instant processing, easy soluble.
  • Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) pellets with a maximum 22,5% DW; ranging from 4 till 20 gram per pellet, thawed very soluble.
  • Capsules and tablets; different sizes from ranging from 200mg  - 1000 mg. easy dosing, different sizes for a perfect fit.
  • Algae Powder, easily mixed within dough formulations such as granules and dough products.
  • Other products are crude algae flakes, brittle flakes of different sizes.