Caramelized sugars to improve gluten-free bakery products

Caramelized sugars improve color, taste and texture of gluten-free bakery products.

Creating tasty bread and bakery products without gluten is a challenge for bakeries. For example, how to hide the sour and salty taste that often haunts gluten-free products? And how to create an appealing crumb structure in bread, without the texturizing benefits of gluten? Royal Buisman’s caramelized sugars add color, flavor and sparkle to health-oriented bakery products such as gluten-free bread cakes and biscuits. Naturally, Buisman sugars are free from gluten; equally important, they are free from any artificial ingredients, making them 100% clean label.

Royal Buisman’s natural caramelized sugars combine a wide color spectrum with distinctive aroma profiles, delivering unique characteristics that:

  • intensify natural flavors
  • mask sour, salty taste that often marks gluten-free products
  • intensify rich (after)taste
  • add body and fullness
  • enhance warm golden and brown colors
  • improve crumb structure in bread
  • reduce cooking time for cakes and cookies*
  • support clean-label products

The sugars are produced according to an authentic manufacturing process in an open system: they are heated, evaporating all the moisture. The subsequent caramelization reaction takes place under ‘dry’ conditions - unique in the production of caramelized sugar - resulting in flavor compounds that perfectly complement natural bread flavors. The products, delivered powderized or in liquid form, are 100% pure caramelized sugar, allowing manufacturing dosages to be reduced.

The success of brands and products starts with creating a difference. In cooperation with their clients, the experts of Royal Buisman develop a distinctive flavor, color or texture and, in doing so, work on the signature of products and brands.