Natural, caramelized sugars that boost and balance coffee flavor

Natural caramelized sugars that boost and balance coffee flavor, improve color and reduce costs.

Royal Buisman’s  coffee-specific, natural, caramelized sugars offer tremendous value, flexibility and opportunity to coffee producers globally. The company’s unique caramelized sugars can boost and balance coffee flavor, improve color and reduce costs.

The caramelized sugars combine a wide color spectrum with characteristic aroma profiles, delivering unique characteristics that:

  • boost and balance the coffee aroma
  • upgrade lower quality coffee beans
  • mask unwanted notes
  • enhance the roasted coffee flavor by adding subtle bitter notes
  • add body, richness and creamy mouthfeel
  • enhance the golden brown color
  • realize cost savings by reducing the amount of coffee needed to make a cup

The sugars are produced according to an authentic manufacturing process in an open system: the sugars are heated, evaporating all their moisture. The subsequent caramelization reaction takes place under ‘dry’ conditions - which is unique in the production of caramelized sugar. This results in the formation of components which can also be found in coffee, making possible a natural and synergetic combination between the two ingredients.

Due to their unique process Royal Buisman is  able to produce e-number-free powders consisting of 100% caramelized sugar with high color intensity, resulting in low dosages and low cost in use.

Royal Buisman’s caramelized sugars are applicable in a broad range of coffee products: instant coffee, vending coffee, ground coffee, coffee pads and capsules. In every application, Royal Buisman’s caramelized sugars allow a reduction in the amount of coffee needed without compromising on quality.

The success of brands and products starts with creating a difference. In cooperation with their clients, the experts of Royal Buisman develop a distinctive flavor, color or texture and, in doing so, work on the signature of products and brands.