Caramelized sugars for fine bakery products

Caramelized sugars enhance color and flavor in fine bakery, and reduce ingredient and process costs.

Fine bakery needs to be tasty and attractive and, in today’s competitive environment, affordable too. The natural, caramelized sugars from Royal Buisman add quality and distinction to the taste and appearance of brownies, biscuits, cookies, cakes, waffles, bonbons and other patisserie favorites. Guaranteed clean label (free of e-numbers), the caramels complement and enhance a multitude of flavor profiles and signature needs, supplementing, and often replacing, more-expensive ingredients.

As the caramelized sugars are delivered in powder form, they can be easily integrated into the production process. They are available in two different ranges: Natural Caramelized Sugars, for creamier products and richer taste, and Traditional Caramelized Sugars to enrich and intensify aromatics profiles, add deep brown color tones and introduce a touch of bitterness.

The sugars are produced according to an authentic manufacturing process in an open system: they are heated, evaporating all their moisture. The subsequent caramelization reaction takes place under ‘dry’ conditions - which is unique in the production of caramelized sugar – resulting in unique flavor compounds that closely resemble cocoa in their bitter, acid and roasted notes.

The caramelized sugars enrich and intensify the flavor profile of alkalized and natural cacao powders. They boost the chocolate flavor and create unique, complex flavor profiles, from a creamy chocolate to an intense cacao flavor. They can also replace some of the cacao, without compromising the original sensory qualities. Ingredient reductions of up to 30% are possible in products like brownies or chocolate cakes, reducing process variables such as time and temperature and delivering significant cost savings.

Overview of benefits of Royal Buisman natural caramelized sugars:

  • improved more-natural flavor
  • improved texture
  • warmer color tones
  • masking of unwanted notes
  • supporting and complementing spices and herbs
  • fuller body, more intense aftertaste
  • clean label

The success of brands and products starts with creating a difference. In cooperation with their clients, the experts of Royal Buisman develop a distinctive flavor, color or texture and, in doing so, work on the signature of products and brands.