Royal Buisman’s signature caramelized sugars: pure value, quality and distinction for bread

Portfolio of caramelized sugars that cut costs, add flavor, aroma and natural colors to a wide range of bread products.

Bread needs to be tasty and attractive and, in today’s competitive environment, affordable. Royal Buisman’s caramelized sugars enrich the flavor profile of production and artisan breads, and create a natural appearance and glaze. And all this without the need for artificial ingredients. Adding caramelized sugars allows bakeries to reduce costs while adding extra value to their products. In certain cases, cost-savings of up to 70% have been achieved by partly replacing malt extract with Buisman sugars.

Royal Buisman’s caramelized sugars combine characteristic aroma profiles with a wide color spectrum, delivering unique advantages:

  • Enrich and improve bread flavor
  • Warmer color tones with natural appearance and glaze
  • Easy integration into manufacturing processes
  • Clean label
  • Considerable cost savings via malt replacement

The sugars are produced according to an authentic manufacturing process in an open system: they are heated, evaporating all the moisture. The subsequent caramelization reaction takes place under ‘dry’ conditions - unique in the production of caramelized sugar – resulting in flavor compounds that perfectly complement natural bread flavors. The sugars, delivered powderized or in liquid form, are 100% pure caramelized sugar, allowing manufacturing dosages to be reduced.

The Buisman Ingredients portfolio contains a range of caramelized sugars that offer different taste profiles. From neutral to full, fresh and mild to sweet, roasted notes and extra body. A unique molasses caramelized sugar delivers a special effect by adding a warm, nutty aroma to bread.

The success of brands and products starts with creating a difference. In cooperation with their clients, the experts of Royal Buisman develop a distinctive flavor, color or texture and, in doing so, work on the signature of products and brands.