Ruitenberg Ingredients

Ruitenberg Ingredients is a pioneer in finding creative, innovative solutions for the food industry.

Innovation is a core quality of Ruitenberg Ingredients, a family-owned business. Every day, Ruitenberg brings knowledge and ingredients together in creative solutions for its clients, adapting ingredients and process technology to specific process and product improvements. In close cooperation with clients, the Ruitenberg team looks into their specific applications and processes to find tailored solutions. This requires a long-term relationship, based on mutual trust.

Ruitenberg offers a large assortment of high-quality solutions in different markets and invests continuously in the development of existing and new applications. Indicators of target market and product segments typically are savory, meat, bakery, confectionary, casing technology, liquid smoke, dough concepts, fillings, glazes, licorice, and above all: specialties.


Once a tailored solution is found, the application technologists of the Ruitenberg team ensure a successful implementation. This approach is what makes Ruitenberg an established name within the food industry worldwide.