Rudin®VegaCasing: alginate technology for co-extrusion processes

Alginate-based (vega)casings for meat, cheese, vegan, or fish sausages produced by co-extrusion.

Rudin® VegaCasing vegetable paste

Rudin®VegaCasing is a 100% vegetable paste based on alginate technology. Made of seaweed extract, fibers and stabilizers, it improves food safety by avoiding risks of animal diseases. The vegetable ingredients also make it eminently suited for the production of vegetarian, halal or kosher sausages. Using a special co-extrusion technology, Rudin®VegaCasing makes it possible to stuff sausages continuously on a fully automated line.

VegaCasing applications

Products made with Rudin®VegaCasing have an attractive appearance, a pleasant mouthfeel and a natural bite. This casing can be applied to meat, fish, poultry, vegetarian and cheese products, and it can be processed into fresh, cooked, dried or smoked sausages. The co-extrusion process offers a wide range of calibers. For small calibers the costs are particularly advantageous against other casings, since all sausages can be produced on the same machine with the same casing.

Coextrusion process

The implementation of Rudin®VegaCasing at production lines is done with the help of the technologists of Ruitenberg Ingredients. Services involved extend to ensuring the functionality on production lines, resulting in products according to the quality standards clients aim for.