Rudin®Jet: product decoration and precision depositing

A printable paste or sauce for bakery, meat, fish and vegetarian applications applied at industrial speed.


Rudin®Jet is a food-grade, water-based, label-friendly paste to be used for industrial speed printing. The viscosity and composition can be adapted to the application. Rudin®Jet is available pre- and post-bake, and in a clean-label or vegan version.

Rudin®Jet applications

Rudin®Jet is available as a decorating paste or as a functional layer and can be accurately printed or dosed on your products. The decorating paste can be used to print logos, text, images and grill marks on bakery, meat, fish and vegetarian products.

The Rudin®Jet precision depositing solutions can be applied for accurately dosing cheese, tomato sauce, tiger paste or a different type of sauce on your product. As a result, no product is spilled on the conveyor belt, which will save product and cleaning costs.

FoodJet precision depositing

The benefits of Rudin®Jet can be optimally combined with the advantages of a FoodJet system. Thanks to its intelligent depositing solutions, a FoodJet depositor can dose Rudin®Jet in any shape, in the exact quantity and right on target:

  • Random alignment of product on conveyor belt
  • High flexibility in design
  • Industrial speed

Ruitenberg offers its expertise of functional ingredients, while FoodJet has the know-how of machinery and processing. By joining forces a new range of applications is created that was out of reach until now.