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Value Food Innovation Australia Limited

Building Capability

Many businesses have the desire to innovate but lack the capabilities to do so. That is why FIAL have developed a range of workshops aimed at bridging this gap and helping businesses unlock their full potential. Our Fast N Furious Innovation short-course teaches participants the principles of Design-Led-Thinking to achieve a minimum viable product. The course turbo-charges the innovation process with the aim of delivering a new product to market in just 6 months. Our Mission Impossible series of workshops equip businesses and researchers with the same innovation toolset and bring them together to work on an innovation challenge being faced by the business.

Creating Connections

At FIAL we recognise that if we want to remain competitive in the global market place then we must work together. That is why FIAL have launched a range of initiatives to foster cross-sector collaboration. Our Project Fund provides matched funding for a consortium to work together to solve an innovation challenge. We also provide matched funding to smaller businesses through the Enterprise Solution Centre to team up with a researcher to solve an innovation challenge they wouldn’t otherwise be able to solve alone. We have also observed the benefits that have been derived from clusters overseas. That is why FIAL have launched the Cluster Programme, which provides funding to facilitate the development and running of food and agribusiness clusters. Soon we will also be launching the Australian Food and Agribusiness Directory, which will list businesses across the entire value chain so that businesses can find each other more easily to innovate and access new markets.

Sharing Knowledge

FIAL is made of people from the industry who have a wealth of knowledge to share. That is why we author a number of reports providing insights into the latest international trends. We also curate the latest industry reports on cutting edge innovations and new technological insights. We are also lucky enough come across the most exciting innovation success stories in the sector. For this reason, each year we release Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations, a book showcasing the top 50 innovations in the industry.  Businesses also need access to the latest information on international markets if they are to succeed globally. That is why we recently launched the Market Insights & Information portal, a one-stop-shop businesses can access for information on key export markets.

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