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About Food Innovation Australia Ltd

FIAL is a not-for-profit, government-funded organisation that acts as a catalyst for growth in the Food and Agribusiness sector. Our vision is that by 2025, the industry is working together to grow the share of Australian food in the global marketplace.

In Australia, we are lucky to produce some of the best quality fresh produce and value added products in the world. As our reputation for safe, nutritious and high quality food continues to grow internationally, the opportunities to leverage off this are enormous. At FIAL, we believe that there are three key ingredients required for Australian businesses to succeed internationally; they need the capability to innovate, connections to the right people to help them grow and access to knowledge to ensure they make informed decisions. At FIAL we aim to connect all these pieces to help businesses unleash their full potential.

The FIAL team is made up of people from industry who know what is like to run a successful business. We act as a conduit between industry and government to identify the challenges and opportunities faced by the sector and develop tailored programmes and initiatives to help businesses overcome those challenges. In a highly competitive global economy, the sector must remain innovative to grow and compete internationally. FIAL has recognised the need for value-adding and innovation to drive the development, growth and sustainability of the Australian Food and Agribusiness Industry. By innovating our product offering, production process and packaging solutions, Australian food and beverage suppliers will satisfy the growing needs of international consumers. 

If we are to compete internationally, we cannot do it alone. That is why FIAL supports innovation by encouraging businesses to collaborate to pioneer world-first use of ingredients and product formulations.  Only through working together can businesses capitalise on opportunities that they are unable to realise on their own. The future for the Australian food and agribusiness sector is bright and FIAL looks forward to continuing to support businesses on their journey to growth and prosperity.

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