Vivera’s tasty, nutritious and sustainably-produced soy-based products

Vivera’s soy-based meat replacers are nutritious and have an excellent mouth feel.

Aware consumers are looking to replace animal proteins in their diet with vegetable alternatives: for both health and sustainability reasons. However, many vegetable-derived products lack the ‘bite’ that makes real meat so attractive. Vivera’s soy products are a nutritious, delicious and sustainable alternative.

The products are created in-house, in Vivera’s own production plant, that meets or exceeds the latest environmental footprint and labor standards. They are produced via a unique extrusion process: Soy-protein flour is mixed with water, heated - while being pressed through a mold - and then cooled. The extruded substance, which has a fibrous structure, is then cut to size. In order to make the product even more sustainable, Vivera is investigating ways to use Dutch soy as the basis, or (combinations of) other protein-rich locally-cultivated crops.

Vivera offers a broad range of soy-based meat replacers, some of them organic or even from 100% vegetable origin (vegan).

An example from the latter category includes ‘chicken chunks’, which are rich in protein (over 20%) and fiber (6%), clean label and have a fibrous-structure that closely resembles real chicken. The ‘chicken chunks’ were launched, in the Netherlands, in Summer 2015 and can be found in supermarkets and restaurants throughout the country. The product is also on the market in Sweden, via the ICA supermarket chain.