Vivera’s Pulled Veggie: hip, delicious and 100% plant-based

Vivera’s Pulled Veggie provides a hip and delicious,100% plant-based filling for sandwiches, wraps and many other dishes.

Pulled meat is conquering the world, not only for its juiciness and taste, but also for its versatility in the kitchen. However, like any other type of meat, its production has a relatively high environmental footprint. Vivera has developed the first plant-based, sustainably-produced pulled ‘meat’ substitute: Pulled Veggie. With taste and bite similar to traditional pulled meat, the product makes a delicious sandwich filling and is perfect for wraps, salads and other dishes – appealing to vegetarians, vegans and everyone wanting a break from meat once in a while.

Pulled Veggie was created and is produced in-house, in Vivera’s own production plant, one of the greenest factories in Europe. Pulled Veggie is produced via a unique process, which combines extrusion or compounding with cooking and shredding. Soy and pea proteins are mixed with water, heated - while being pressed through a mold - and then cooled. The extruded substance, which now has a fibrous structure, is then cut to size, cooked and shredded in a process that resembles the traditional way of making pulled pork. This unique combination of processes leads to the characteristic tender, melting structure of pulled ‘meat’. Plans to further strengthen the product’s sustainability credentials include using Dutch soy and peas, and/or other protein-rich, locally-cultivated crops.

Pulled Veggie is available in three flavors: plain ‘pulled chicken’ and the marinated versions ‘pulled pork’ and ‘pulled beef’.

In collaboration with a leading retailer in Scandinavia, Vivera is currently developing Pulled Veggie in the Fajita and Smokey BBQ flavors.