Virtual shop: cost-effective testing of store & product changes

Realistic shop simulator lets you change and adapt layout, product, assortment. Integrates eye tracking, FaceReader, and physiological data.

Virtual shop

Noldus InnovationWorks and Green Dino have partnered in the development of Virtual Shop, a set up that provides insights on how purchase intent is affected by aspects such as packaging design, product position on a shelf, product placement in a store, store layout, product labeling or the presence of advertisements like posters in the shop. This Virtual Shop also offers you the possibility to test product or packaging concepts that do not exist yet or are difficult (or even impossible) to realize at this moment. One of the great advantages of the virtual world is that you can quickly change the layout of a shop or the design of packaging without the time and expenses of altering anything in the real world.

Shop simulator

Artificial intelligence is used to create a realistic interactive shopping experience. It allows for controllable, adaptable, and reproducible shopping scenarios. A remote eye tracking system is included in the setup, which allows dynamic analysis on where the test person is looking at, in what order and how long. Automatic recording of the shopper’s behavior and shopper’s gaze takes place. Physiological responses and facial expressions of the test person can also be registered to give you insight in the mental state of the test person.