FaceReader: real-time expression analysis

Online or onsite, FaceReader analyzes and reports subjects  responses: many uses such as advertising or sensory research.

Face reader online

FaceReader automatically analyzes facial expressions, head orientation, gaze direction, action units and person characteristics, such as age. It is available as software but also as an online application. With this application, researchers can invite participants from all over the world. Researchers use this technology to measure appreciation for example, by gathering objective and detailed information about the facial expressions.

Face reading and sensory research

FaceReader analyzes and reports about participant responses to commercials or advertisements, but it can also be used in sensory research. It also allows for real-time representation of the circumplex model of affect which describes the distribution of emotions in a 2D circular space, containing arousal and valence dimensions. With this information, researchers can improve products or campaigns. For example, governments invest in improving general health. With information about preference and product liking, they can improve public health campaigns. Moreover, healthy products can be made more appealing when taking the level of appreciation into account.