NutriProfiel® - Individually-tailored dietary advice

Individual serum nutrient profiles the key to tailor-made dietary advice.

NutriProfiel®  - Individually-tailored dietary advice

NutriProfiel® is a unique centre of expertise in the field of micronutrients and health, developed by the Nutrition and Healthcare Alliance. Based on the results of blood testing and the Eetscore food frequency questionnaire, a personalized dietary advice is given to clients.


Micronutrient deficiencies may lead to serious health problems, such as impaired bone health, damage to the nervous system, and fatigue. It is important to improve dietary habits if this is the primary cause of the deficiency. For most physicians, it is difficult to evaluate the diet of a patient and to provide good dietary advice. To bridge this gap, NutriProfiel was developed.

Nutrient profile

NutriProfiel determines blood levels of selected vitamins in the blood, and thereby obtains a good impression of the nutritional status. The online Eetscore questionnaire assesses dietary intake of vitamins.

Tailor-made dietary advice

The integration of blood values and food intake data is the basis for the personalized dietary advice. NutriProfiel also has several research lines that help to further strengthen the service, such as identifying high-risk groups for deficiencies, dietary advice for athletes, etc. NutriProfiel is currently expanding rapidly in our region.