The TIM Company

Gaining insight into compound behavior. Dynamic in vitro model for specialized products. Technology for testing food and oral drug products in the human digestive tract outside the body in a predictive, reproducible and ethically responsible way.

The TIM Company is a Center of Excellence for oral bioaccessibility, developing and supporting the use of in vitro gastrointestinal equipment with high predictability for the behavior of pharmaceutical compounds and nutritional products.

Our story
Once a research project within the Dutch Institute of Applied Scientific Research (TNO) which began in 1995, the TIM technology continued to evolve with a focus to support the development of healthy food products and to study the ‘bioaccessibility’ of functional ingredients for a better, safer and healthier life. Eventually, new applications were developed and the TIM technology was also applied in the study of solubility and release of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from oral drug products in early and late stage preclinical drug development. After continued success and growth, TIM technology was consolidated into an independent, limited liability company in January 2020, trading under the name “The TIM Company.” Today, The TIM Company produces and installs TIM Systems at universities, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, and RTOs worldwide. In addition, The TIM Company designs and executes TIM Studies out of its own laboratory in Zeist, The Netherlands.

Vision & Mission
It is the mission of The TIM Company to accelerate development using TIM technology combined with excellence in gastrointestinal research to improve health worldwide. To accomplish this, they have a vision that all tomorrow’s drugs and foods are developed using TIM technology, which ultimately reduces animal testing and de-risks human trials.