TIM - In vitro dynamic gastrointestinal models

Obtaining reliable data on gastrointestinal release, stability and interactions as well as the bioaccessibility of food ingredients.

Reliable scientific data on the behavior of food products during gastrointestinal transit is essential for nutritional research and product development. The TIM Company offers gastrointestinal testing using in vitro TNO gastroIntestinal Models (TIM). TIM systems allow for the computer-controlled simulation of human and animal GI conditions, which are related to different types of drinks and meals for target populations of different ages and medical conditions. The information obtained through TIM studies improves decision-making, thus minimizing the number of subsequent animal experiments and clinical studies.

The four-compartmental, computer-controlled TIM-1 system accurately simulates the successive dynamic conditions of the stomach and the three parts of the small intestine: the duodenum, the jejunum and the ileum. The results provide accurate insights into the total and time-related availability for the absorption of nutrients and drugs. The tiny-TIM system consists of a gastric compartment and just one compartment for mimicking passage through the small intestine. As a result of this design, two tiny-TIM experiments can be performed simultaneously by one operator, saving time and costs without compromising on the predictivity of the results obtained. Finally, the TIM-2 system simulates the colon, including metabolic active microbiota under strict anaerobic conditions.