&samhoud food

Vegetable-based alternatives to established meat products. Food innovations by 2-Michelin star chef.

&samhoud food aims to inspire people to eat more vegetables. Therefore, it makes it easier and more attractive to choose responsibly: with delicious and unique vegetarian food products, with only natural coloring, taste and preservation. Made by 2-Michelin star chef Moshik Roth.

&samhoud’s food innovations focus on new applications of vegetables in established products – healthier, more sustainable and delicious. They offer a wide range of meat replacement products, convenience meals, and sandwiches.

Some examples of &samhoud’s products: Meat replacement products, such as the Tomato burger: it looks, tastes and feels like a traditional burger, but is made of tomato; the Green Asparagus burger: a unique vegetable burger from green asparagus and lentils; and the Bean burger, a delicious vegetable burger with four kinds of beans. Vegetarian convenience meals, such as Lasagna Bolognese with minced tomato ‘meat’ and Couscous with eggplant-pea balls.

All products are:
• Vegetable based
• Without unnatural additives
• Non-GMO
• Vegetarian / no meat

&samhoud food emerged from 2-Michelin star restaurant &samhoud places, founded by star chef Moshik Roth and entrepreneur Salem Samhoud, and is part of the larger &samhoud group. The group further includes &samhoud consultancy, &samhoud media, &ranj, and has offices in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, New York, Zurich and Kuala Lumpur.