Vegetable based alternatives to established meat products

Vegetable food innovations by a 2-Michelin star chef. Meat replacement products in unique flavor combinations.

Almost three out of four Dutch people do not eat enough vegetables a day. More than half of them has the desire to eat less meat in favor of healthier, more sustainable and clean label alternatives. They find it hard to do so.

&samhoud food aims to inspire people to eat more vegetables. Therefore, it makes it easier and more attractive to choose responsibly: with delicious and unique vegetarian food products, with only natural coloring, taste and preservation. Made by 2-Michelin star chef Moshik Roth.

&samhoud’s food innovations focus on new applications of vegetables in established products – healthier and more sustainable. They offer a wide range of meat replacement products, convenience meals, and sandwiches.

The products are created by star chef Moshik Roth, chef and owner of 2-Michelin star restaurant &samhoud places. Besides having unique flavor combinations, the products are vegetable based instead of soy or lupine as is common in the market.

Some examples include: • The ‘tomeato burger’, which looks, tastes and feels like a traditional burger, but is made of tomato instead of meat. • Minced ‘meat’ from vegetables, perfect for vegetarian such as pasta’s, lasagnas, burritos, etc. • Green Asparagus burger, a unique vegetable burger from green asparagus and lentils. • Eggplant-pea kebab, perfect for wraps and sandwiches.

The meat alternatives are sold directly to consumers to use as meal components for home-cooking, as well as part of convenience meals and sandwiches. The products are also offered as semi-finished products to companies that wish to diversify their offering with delicious, non-meat, healthy and sustainable alternatives.