A real-time traceability platform for Agro-food for the MENA region

RiginO is an end-to-end food traceability platform targeting the MENA region, enabling food value chain players to log every interaction across the supply chain leading to the full provenance and journey of products. Answering the need for enhanced supply chain transparency and trust, businesses will be able to generate business growth, access new markets, improve brand perception and comply with regulations.

With RiginO, transactions are secured by a blockchain that logs the journey of a product and captures its transformations throughout the supply chain from materials to production to storage to transportation to trading. RiginO enables a transparent product journey leading to increased product trust.

RiginO’s business model is a B2B2C based mainly on subscriptions fees, setup fees, integration services, special reporting and training differentiating itself by a localized interface while addresses the local culture and expectations with personalized services for integration at an acceptable price.