Blockchain traceability platform for agro-food companies

RiginO is a real-time blockchain traceability platform for SMEs

The agro-food sector is facing tremendous changes in regulations and processes. Consumers are demanding more clarity and transparency on the food they eat, governments are legislating to ensure food safety and manufacturers want to secure the quality of their products to maintain the trust with their clients and improve their brand perception.

RigniO is an end-to-end food traceability platform targeting the MENA region allowing food manufacturers and producers to log their data across the supply chain in order to generate business growth, access new markets, improve brand perception and comply with regulations.

RiginO is powered by blockchain that logs the journey of a product and captures its transformations throughout the supply chain from farm to fork. RiginO enables a transparent product journey, thus increasing trust.

RiginO is targeting to meet the requirements of small & midsize companies in terms of low-budget, quick onboarding and affordable subscription plans.

RiginO enables the food-producers (primary ie: farmers or manufacturers) to embrace the new technology in order to trace-and-track and conduct a timely recall, and it allows to have proper incident management to detect the root of the issues encountered in order to apply proper measures.


For farmers and suppliers:
•        Added trust in products;
•        Proven compliance with regulations.

For manufacturers:
•        Track product issues;
•        Reduce the cost of recall and withdrawal;
•        Generate live reports;
•        Manage suppliers;
•        Report the origin of products;
•        Protect brand image.

For Consumers:
•        Know the food product’s origin and journey;
•        Have transparency.

In addition to B2B services, RiginO will include a consumer traceability module by end of 2020 using a 2D barcode in order to provide consumers with traceability data of the food they consume such as: origin, feed, harvest details etc.