Matsutani Chemical Industry

Making delicious healthy foods with Matsutani specialty starches and soluble dietary fiber Fibersol-2.

Matsutani Chemical Industry is a pioneer and Japan’s leading producer of specialty starches and fiber. Founded in 1919, the guiding principle of the company has always been to support people live a rich dietary life by providing a safe and secure supply of starch products of natural origin for the food industry.

In the past, customers only sought good taste and nutritional value from food products. But now, as people's health awareness increases, the focus is shifting towards functional food products with added health benefits. In response to this demand, Matsutani is committed to sell, develop and manufacture food starches and derivatives, including rare sugars, dietary fiber and other functional food ingredients which benefit to health.

One of Matsutani’s most well–recognized product is ‘Fibersol-2’ (Resistant Dextrin/Maltodextrin), a unique type of soluble fiber derived from corn starch which can be applied to virtually any food and beverage product. In Japan, many food manufacturers already add this ingredient to their products to achieve a ‘FOSHU (Foods for Specified Health Use, health claim system)’ status.

Besides Fibersol-2, Matsutani has developed other products such as Rare Sugar Sweet (glucose-fructose syrup containing rare sugars, a next-generation healthy sweetener) and fiber-enriched, low-salt Matsutani Miso Soup. Based in six operations worldwide the company continues to support the worldwide production, sales and development of tasty, convenient, functional and healthy foods.