Fibersol-2: Fiber Fit for All

Fibersol®-2 is the ideal fiber choice to enhance the dietary fiber content of virtually any supplement, beverage or food.

Fibersol-2: Fiber Fit for All

Responding to the rising health awareness and acting on increasing evidence of the negative health impact of fiber-deficient diets, Matsutani, the largest modified starch company in Japan, has developed the world’s first soluble dietary fiber derived from all natural corn called ‘Fibersol-2’ (Resistant Dextrin/Maltodextrin). It is a highly concentrated white free-flowing powder that is readily dispersible in liquid, low calorie and has a clear, tasteless solution.

There is ample research showing that fiber plays an essential role in digestive, heart, and skin health and Fibersol-2 has been scientifically proven to offer many excellent physiological and health benefits such as moderating blood sugar levels, preventing the accumulation of visceral fat in the body and supporting weight management by delaying post meal hunger. It is therefore most suitable for people with high blood glucose levels or who consume high fat meals – as well as being beneficial for everyone interested in improving health.

In addition to these health benefits Fibersol-2 is also very safe, economical and easy to use. A large number of studies performed back up its safety and even at high levels of use, Fibersol-2 doesn’t affect the taste or appearance of food. It is rapidly dispersible, highly soluble and stable under virtually all conditions and has no flavor, taste or color.

Furthermore, Fibersol-2 can be used in countless applications with minimal formulation adjustment so is perfect for formulators, as well as consumers. It can be incorporated into all types of beverages, processed foods, cultured and frozen dairy products, desserts, confections, dietary supplements in every form, and much more. Hence, the dietary fiber content and nutritional value of practically any food, beverage or supplement can be increased now.

Fibersol-2 can be used to improve the nutritional profile and increase the fiber content of any food application without compromising taste, quality and enjoyment for the consumer. Fibersol-2 is the fiber to fill the fiber gap.