Grünten’s mission is producing innovative food products based on vegetables for breakfast or snack.

Currently 94% of the Dutch population doesn’t meet the daily recommended intake of 250 grams of vegetables per day. Grünten is on a mission to change this, by creating extra vegetable-eating moments throughout the day, where this traditionally isn’t the case.

Grünten has created “Veggie Oats”: Vegetable based oatmeal products in pie based flavours, containing 25% of the daily recommend intake of vegetables in an innovative way. Seducing people into eating healthy, with more vegetables, by making the veggie option the most convenient and delicious option.

Grünten focuses on people with a busy lifestyle who want to eat healthy, but don’t seem to find the time. With it’s Veggie Oats Grünten creates more vegetable based eating moments that are easy to eat/use. The range of products contains different flavours of Veggie Oats, but will be expanded in the coming year(s). Grünten is establishing the number one A-brand in it’s own category. Always with the USP’s in mind: delicious, convenient, but most of all healthy and vegetable based in new eating moments.