Veggie Oats: Vegetable based oatmeal products in pie flavours

Grünten’s Veggie Oats are vegetable based oatmeal products in pie based flavours: 25% of the daily recommended intake of vegetables made convenient and delicious.

The founder of Grünten wanted to really contribute to the health of the population, after graduating as a health scientist, in a concrete manner instead of continuing in research. 94% of the population doesn’t meet the daily recommended intake of vegetables, because they are traditionally only eaten for dinner and aren’t perceived as being the most delicious part of the meal. He wanted to encourage people to eat more vegetables by making the veggie option the most easy and delicious option and moving the eating moment to one that normally contains zero vegetables: breakfast.

Hence he created Veggie Oats: ‘ready to eat’ oatmeal products with 25% of the daily intake of vegetables in sweet, pie based flavours. Making the healthy option the most convenient and delicious and seducing people into eating more veggies. Creating an entirely new product category and vegetable eating opportunity.

Besides breakfast Grünten’s Veggie Oats can also be eaten as a filling snack. Grünten mainly focuses on millennials, with a busy working lifestyle, but the Veggie Oats are applicable for (almost) everyone; from kids who refuse to eat vegetables to elderly, who have a reduced appetite and loss of taste sensitivity.

Grünten was awarded as Foodvalley Champion 2020 in the category Food & Health. Watch Grünten's Foodvalley Award promo video.