Green Banana Food

Creating shared value by making tasty nutritious green banana food | Better Food Better Health Better World

Green Banana Food (GBF) is a food startup developing products  and ingredient solutions from the green cooking banana. The goal is to exploit under-utilised high nutrient crops driven by a shared-value food system. 

Our base raw material is the East African Highland green cooking banana. Green bananas have great nutritional properties including high in dietary fiber and resistant starch, vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium. It helps regulate the digestive system and in-turn improve the immune system. However, in Uganda and many banana-producing countries, this crop remains underutilized. Due to overproduction and lack of any added value use, more than 30% becomes waste. This also drives the price down for the local farmers, who find it difficult to earn a steady, sufficient income. 

The innovation of creating green banana ingredient solutions and nutritious products revives the underutilized value chain and ensures a higher value benefit for the farmers . What’s more, a percentage of the profit goes into an investment fund so that green banana farmers can access low-interest funds that enable them to improve their farming practices & create entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves. 

Base of operations is in The Netherlands and green banana processing in Uganda.