Coolsan Australia

Coolsan Australia conducts research, development and manufacture of innovative products that are used globally to improve food safety and reduce food waste.

The Coolsan story

Coolsan® Australia was co-founded in 2010 by experienced food marketer Thomas deMasi and inventor Dr Gary Erickson. Thomas has been involved in the food industry for over 30 years growing up in a family fruit and vegetable business. Dr Gary Erickson is an experienced chemist with a background in research and product development of medical disinfection technologies.

Whilst running a restaurant in regional New South Wales, Dr Erickson discovered that “fresh” produce had a very short shelf life and substantial costs were associated with the wasted food. To resolve this problem Dr Erickson realised that the extended period of time that fresh produce was stored provided an opportunity to use reactive oxygen based medical disinfection technology at low concentrations to reduce the negative impact of microbial and plant hormone activity on their fresh produce, whilst helping to reduce pathogen risk within the food supply chain.

From this, Coolsan Australia was formed, with the objective to research and develop effective, environmentally friendly systems to reduce bacteria, mould, yeast and ethylene in commercial cool rooms and refrigerated transport to improve food safety and reduce food waste. Years of research, product development and commercial trials has resulted in the development of the multi award-winning ChillSafe product which is used globally in the postharvest, food retail, food service, food processing and food logistics markets.

ChillSafe was officially launched at the Fine Food Australia trade show in Melbourne in September of 2014.


Coolsan company video