A low dose Hydrogen Peroxide vapour generator that is safe to use in the presence of humans and provides continuous protection of fresh produce against spoilage by reducing microbial load and ethylene during storage and transport.



ChillSafe was developed to address the short Shelf life of “Fresh Produce” purchased from retail food outlets in Australia.


ChillSafe creates a continuous low dose Hydrogen Peroxide vapour that is safe to use in the presence of humans to actively reduce bacteria, mould and ethylene and extend the shelf-life of perishable foods across the food supply chain.

Distinguished from existing solutions

ChillSafe is a broad spectrum antimicrobial and ethylene reducing product with an improved safety profile compared to liquid cleaners, ozone, chlorine dioxide gas and ethylene absorption products.

It is environmentally activated, requiring no electricity and continuously generates low levels of hydrogen peroxide vapour so is non-hazardous and can be used in the presence of humans.

How can it be applied and what is the added value

ChillSafe is a low cost sachet attached to the wall of any food storage area including packing rooms, cool rooms, shipping containers, transport trailers etc. It continuously reduces bacteria, mould, ethylene and odours leaving no residue so food is safe, suitable for organic products and reduces microbial risk for food businesses.

Independent trials have shown that ChillSafe can extended the commercial shelf-life of perishable foods such as berries and to reduce the average food wastage in supermarket chains by 27.5% saving USD$3,000 per store per month.

What are the possible applications?

The product can be used in postharvest, food processing, food retail, food services and food logistics industries.