Connecting Supply Chains, Supply Chain Monitoring, Chain Information Management.

The competitive world of the Agro, Feed and Food industry places huge demands on quality and efficiency, and more and more on sustainability. Customers and consumers increasingly want to know the origin of products, and under which circumstances they have been produced.

Being the best farmer, food company or retailer isn’t good enough anymore.  In today's supply chains, collaboration is one of the biggest business opportunities: being part of good organized supply chains means you can cope with contemporary challenges like quality, food safety, authenticity and sustainability. These collaborative efforts are only managed through information about products, suppliers, origin, etc. But how do you manage vast amounts of data from various, frequently multinational sourced products?

To manage this ChainPoint has developed an IT platform that helps individual and collaborating companies monitor their own supply chains. ChainPoint assists with Traceability, Sustainable Sourcing, Supply Chain Monitoring, Supplier Assessment, Food Safety, Quality- & Risk Management, Audit- & Certificate Management, Compliance & Credibility, Sustainability Reporting, Benchmarking, Brand Protection and Story Telling, helping companies to improve the quality and sustainability of products, whilst reducing costs and risks.

By collaborating with their chain partners, companies gain more control over their operations and can meet future market demands more effectively.