Connecting supply chains

Improving collaboration and transparency in the chain: delivering quality and sustainability; reducing risk and cost.

ChainPoint® is a leading global Supply Chain Collaboration provider. ChainPoint® implements efficient Supply Chain Monitoring solutions for individual companies and alliances in sustainable value chains, protecting brands and creating transparency.

Brand owners seek solutions where costs and risks can be reduced, whilst consumers search for traceability, transparency and increased quality and sustainability of products.

Enabled by its flexible, secure web platform ChainPoint® provides insight into supply chains from source to retailer. ChainPoint® can be rapidly customized to serve complex supply chains, supporting unique sustainable sourcing scenarios covering i.a. Traceability, Sustainable Sourcing, Supply Chain Monitoring, Supplier Assessment, Food Safety, Quality & Risk Management, Audit- & Certificate Management, Compliance & Credibility, Sustainability Reporting, Benchmarking, Brand Protection and Story Telling.

ChainPoint® integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise systems. Rich reporting and dashboard capabilities give management, suppliers and stakeholders vital information to act towards their sustainability performance and goals within the own organization and along the value chain.