ASNS Ingredient

Production of the yellow pea protein isolate and by-products- native starch, soluble fiber, extruded pea hull fiber, starch concentrate.

The company ASNS Ingredient is a joint venture of two largest Latvian Farmers’ societies- Latraps and VAKS. The company is located in one of the greenest countries in the world with a high potential to produce quality, environmentally friendly products. After opening the facility, it will be the first pea protein isolate production plant in Eastern Europe. The company plans to produce yellow pea protein isolate and by products – native starch, starch concentrate, soluble fiber and extruded pea hull fiber. Potential customers are large food and ingredient wholesales companies globally.

The company is located in Eleja the southern part of Latvia, which has the most beneficial conditions for agriculture, as well as long history of agriculture tradition.