Full cycle pea processing

Transfer of pea produce to an array of end products with only 12% loss in the whole processing cycle.

The inspiration for the project comes from the ever changing and demanding food industry combined with the available resources of the farmers’ companies Latraps and VAKS. There is rapid increase in demand towards food of biological and traceable origin with reduced environmental footprint. The resources available are the 1600 member farmers with experience in biological farming, as well as previous experience in large scale project development. 

The production process was designed based on the industry’s best technological practices and the Project team's knowledge and test results in collaboration with Buhler’s (innovative Swiss technologies producer) R&D department I-Cube. As a result, a very efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly production processes and technology was designed.

The technology allows for effective processing of yellow pea into protein isolate, native starch, starch concentrate, soluble fiber and extruded pea hull fiber. All of these products serve as biological inputs in the production of food and feed with particular focus to meat substitutes. Other high value-added end products include protein snacks and sports protein powders, baby food and protein drinks.

Furthermore starch rich flour can serve as an input for bio-polymer, paper and bio-plastic industry. The potential solutions for the non-food industries will be sought in the next steps via effective partnerships.