We imagine next-generation everyday foods made from microalgae. Delicious, good for people and sustainable!

ALGAMA aims to develop a sector of the future: micro-algae, a unique and sustainable superfood. ALGAMA’s goal is to become a major player in the food revolution. Drawing on culinary savoir-faire and biotech, they create healthy and great-tasting everyday foods for all.

Algama is working with some of the best research centers (CNRS, INRA) worldwide. Its team of PhD and food scientists is developing today the food of tomorrow and has now delivered multiple patents.

Algama’s business activity rests on four core pillars:

  • Basic research and selection of microalgae strains,
  • Identification of molecules of interest from these strains,
  • Development of innovative, tasty products containing these molecules of interest,
  • Marketing and distribution of the end products to the general public.

Thanks to its interdisciplinary team of researchers, agronomists, marketing specialists and culinary experts, ALGAMA is uniquely positioned. With a team of 15 people based out of Paris and New York, the company is now on fast tracks to develop research, product sales and company’s notoriety.

Its first product – The Good Spoon – a range of delicious vegan mayos containing up to 50% less fat in comparison with any other condiment available on the market, has been launch in Paris and New York in 2017.