InsectoCycle valorises organic waste streams into high quality proteins and oils by using of existing agricultural buildings and infrastructure

The company was founded by Seppe Salari (Entomologist), Jesse Turkstra (CTO) and Jason Kiem (CEO) in 2018. During its short existence InsectoCycle established a respected name in the field of insects. Currently, it has its own R&D centre in Giessenburg and holds office at the Wageningen Campus. At FeedBackFarm, the name of the R&D Centre, different activities are executed; from making recipes out of different kinds of waste streams, designing breeding programmes, experimenting new rearing techniques, to the development of traceability schemes. This could be for inhouse development or together with and for industrial partners.

The next step of InsectoCycle is to establish a commercial pilot, called InsectoFarm 1,  in the Region Foodvalley. Preferably together with strong partners of the FoodvalleyNL network. The goal is to launch new concepts and business models based on circular farming, insect products, and new supply chain interlinkages whereby the end user must have an integral role. The insect products can be further processed to make it suitable for pet food, fish feed, poultry, and even food products.

InsectoCycle’s further ambition is to deploy 50 InsectoFarms in vacant agricultural buildings over the next five years. Key is to separate breeding, rearing and processing into different production units. By making use of the existing agricultural buildings and infrastructure, the company foresees a huge growth potential to fulfill the demand of sustainable proteins.