Substrate Calculator

How to blend waste streams into a suitable black soldier fly larvae substrate.

The black soldier fly larvae is a generalist feeder, meaning it devours virtually any organic stream. The trick to successfully produce BSF larvae is to feed them a tailored substrate consisting of the right blend of organic streams. This ensures that the harvested larvae contain the most protein and fats. Besides the nutritional aspects, other factors such as feed costs, climates settings and harvestability must be taken into account.

For other production animals this is already common knowledge developed over the last decades. But for BSF hardly any nutritional and other requirements are known. To this end, InsectoCycle created a least cost substrate formulation tool which combines all their knowledge into a program which formulates an optimal diet based on the available waste streams.

Growers of BSF larvae can use this information to blend their own substrates using waste streams that are “in season”. When BSF growers use waste streams that are in oversupply, they will benefit because of the lower production price for their larvae. While also upcycling waste streams into high quality animal feed.