Al Rifai

With a know-how of over 70 years, Al Rifai is a pioneer in the field of nut roasting and retailing in Lebanon and around the world.

The Rifai Group has operated in Lebanon’s nuts & kernels market for over 70 years and is currently Lebanon’s market leader in this sector.

The Rifai Group is renowned in the Middle East and is gaining recognition in Europe as a provider of quality roasted nuts and kernels. It is the group’s vision to become renowned worldwide by consumers and trade partners alike as the indisputable quality standard in this category of products. Al Rifai’s mission is to transform the Al Rifai name into a global brand by making high quality nuts and kernels available to a wide audience at affordable prices. Today, more than 35 different varieties of Al Rifai nuts and kernels are freshly roasted on a daily basis, using a large selection of the finest crops from around the world.

The group is fully integrated vertically: from the sourcing of the nuts at the place of origin, to the production of nuts through the development of its own machinery, to the selling of the finished products; thus keeping full control of quality.

In a major step towards standardizing the production process and developing a global product and brand, Al Rifai’s originally artisanal production process has been for the most part industrialized, under advanced and integrated computer management systems with state of the art machinery.

As a result all the production plants are certified according to all major international food production standards such as ISO 22000, ISO 22005, & IFS.