4-NRGY mix of nuts & kernels coated with vegan protein

Al Rifai has created a mix of nuts and kernels coated with spirulina and pea protein.

To succeed in this new era where consumers are making their physical and mental health a priority, one needs to create products that speak to consumers and show a real understanding of their individual needs. Consumers are moving away from heavily processed food and moving towards raw plant-based diets. Mixing and blending fresh nuts to the retail demand was a risky challenge that gained Al Rifai brand its reputation.

4-NRGY a first of its kind, is a revolutionary all-natural product. In addition to the protein profile inherent in the nuts themselves, the mix combines dry roasted peanuts, almonds, cashews and chickpeas (garbanzo beans) with a source of vegan protein (spirulina and pea protein) to deliver a whopping 28g of pure protein with a full profile of amino acid while consuming 160g of nuts. This is ideal if one is looking to adopt a keto diet or working hard to build muscles at the gym. It will supplement a healthy diet. The mix is free from taste enhancers, chemical additives and preservatives.